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Rodney Smith


2009, Digital print, 40"w x 27"h

In life I like to take the things I enjoy and share them with others so that they might enjoy them too. In art I like to take the things I enjoy and share them with others so that they might enjoy them as well. The things I enjoy come from all directions. The directions include those young and old, from different backgrounds and nationalities, and natural and synthetic. I enjoy working in classical mediums such as paint and pencil and the new age digital world.

My work with children has kept my imagination fresh and on a large scale. My life as an adult has refined my imagination into a mature state. But, I have developed the ability to turn off my “mature” filter. I can explore an imagined idea fully, as a child would, without the limits of an adult and then later come back through that idea with my “grown-up” thoughts and refine the idea into something that is emotionally mature and in a medium that is appropriate.

My likes and my imagination seem to guide my art into a self-expression. I continue to learn from the artists I study and the artists around me. My art is the expression of how I was raised, the person I choose to be, and the person I will become. It is molded from the society I was raised in, the person other people have made me become, and the world that will shape what I will become.


Rodney Smith - Untitled

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Due to the building guidelines that are in place in response to the COVID-19 situation, we are unable to install a new art exhibit in our Farmington Hills, Michigan and Fort Worth, Texas offices.

Thankfully, the majority of artists who currently have their work on display in our Michigan and Texas locations have graciously allowed us to continue to do so through the spring of 2021. We would like to extend a huge thank you to those artists and we look forward to continuing with a new exhibition in the summer of 2021.