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Ara Levon Thorose

Leopard Fantasy: Costumes, 1987ā€“1992

glossy print paper, 2014, 20"w x 30"h

Iā€™d rather be visually comfortable than physically. Above the other senses, we are guided by and believe what we see. More and more we, as a society, are living through images, each worth a thousand thoughts and emotions that words could never express. This collection of prints features archival images of costumes that I designed for myself between the ages of 9 and 14 and modeled on a child-sized mannequin. Under the auspices of making Halloween costumes, I was given one chance a year to create a reflection of my true identity, and the event of donning each costume was momentous, the spiritual high point of each year. The transitions in my life during those years are revealed in the progression of images, as pressure to conform to convention mounted and childhood came to an end.


Ara Levon Thorose - Leopard Fantasy: Costumes, 1987ā€“1992

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