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Melissa G. Tran

SMU, MFA 2014

Definitive Encounters

words, silver gelatin photographs, acrylic shelf, mirror, viewer, 2015, 48"w x 41.5"h x 8"d

While investigating the marriage of East and West, I resist the idea that the biracial body is solely an echo of one culture or another. It is one that is transformed into a new identity. In the silver gelatin photographs entitled Definitive Encounters, a new body has been deformed and transformed into an assemblage of body parts that occurs within the space of the negative, never in reality. The film reinforces the belief in the illusion of the life of the creature—impermanent and stuck—within the photograph, and viewers are invited to take one home, furthering the integration of the biracial body into Western culture. On the reverse, short narratives accompany each photograph as blips of memories that sway between biographical and fictive.

Melissa G. Tran
 - Definitive Encounters

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