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Melissa G. Tran

SMU, MFA 2014


modified tree section and archival inkjet print, 2013, 36.25"w x 40"h x 4"d

I chose the severed tree trunk to draw a relationship between the tree’s life and form, and my own. As I sanded the trunk, I was removing scars from when the tree was cut. The scars appeared like stretch marks, creating associations of beauty and femininity in response to life markers such as pregnancy. The more I sanded, the more the surface cracked, causing new scars. Working inward, I made cuts where my years and the tree’s intersected. I continue to propel forward, and the tree continues to propel back in time, before my existence. The resultant dust is a quiet reminder that one day I, too, will dissolve. In the presentation of this piece, the impression of the tree’s marks on my body attempt to match the impression of my marks on the tree.

Melissa G. Tran
 - Respire/Expire

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