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Christian Tschanz

MFA 2016

0208150920 Black Lamp

steel, bronze, brass, LED lights, cable, 2015, 10"w x 60"h x 5"d

How does light stand in relation to material? And what does emitting mean? How can light be expressed through materiality? In my work I’m fathoming the relationship of the internal expressed through the external. In this piece I tried to work with the fugitiveness and momentariness of light and combine it with the solidity and substantiality of steel in a purified, minimal form. The steel went through a process of refinement with heat, which then affected its shape. The space where the light exits through the material and the two elements meet was of special interest to me. The piece is part of my artistic examination of primordial elements and their inherent manifestation through formal intervention and combination.

Christian Tschanz - 0208150920 Black Lamp

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