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Andrew Tyler


2013, Monoprint, 9.25"w x 27.5"h

The space between the collective hopes and doubts of our species is an everyday concern that often passes under the radar. Lost in the everyday is the consequence end of the action/reaction pair. Self-absorption limits our capacity for achievement; the trappings of comfort that it promises snare even the wise. As the mode for this comfort is set by the standard of instantaneous gratification, people tend to lose sight of the far-reaching and rippling effects of their everyday actions. My work explores both sides of the hope/fear dichotomy in a tenuous mixture of ambition and gloom. The black horizon taunts at the promise of a brighter future while yielding no omens but darkness. It is the fate-telling coin that has landed on its edge only to be flipped again.

Andrew Tyler - Untitled

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