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Ronit Dayan Vishovski

MFA 2016

Mapping a Story

Silver scrap, silver tubes, steel wire, 2015, 28”w x 6''h x 0.5''d

On the border between nothing and something, empty and full, positive and negative, my work exists. Once what is needed has been taken or cut out, a vacuum is left. My family and I are in constant transition and have been out of place for years. The act of missing home leaves a vacuum in my heart, which I may try to seal or learn to live with, hence to live with the void and with the negative spaces that surround my everyday being. I make sheets out of silver scrap and construct them to a new assembly but keep the surface bare, without polishing, as a remembrance to what the pieces were before and as a way of mark making. Pictorial narratives appear within the spaces of the scraps and flip the background to be the valued foreground.

Ronit Dayan Vishovski - Mapping a Story

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