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Lavinia Voicu

Point of View

2012, Readymade chair and acrylic, 20"w x 40"h x 24"d

A chair is a both an object and a space which engages the viewer when observing a work of art. In this instance, the chair is further implicated in the viewing process by becoming the painting, rather than as an innocuous accessory. The viewer is thus invited to distance himself from established practice. In this distancing of oneself from traditional parameters around the discerning act of viewing, there is an opportunity to discover a more encompassing approach to both the observation and the production of paintings.

Lavinia Voicu - Point of View

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  1. Carmen says:
    February 28th, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    I breath emotion, the thread of my thoughts is becoming thinner, yet so palpable, so vibrant, the eye is wide open….watching the shape of a dream….music, dance, poem…..
    Give me mooooooooreeeeeeeeee

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