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Kasey Waas

Louetta Rd.

2008, Oil on canvas, 36"w x 36"h

My work concerns spatial relationships and examines the essential difference between something defined as an object and something defined as space. I am interested in how a two-dimensional surface can be transformed into a representational environment through simple composition, line and color. This work allows me to investigate how we delineate and interpret the relationship between space and objects within a painting.

This piece considers the interaction between the illusionistic space within the painting and the real, physical space in which the viewer or artist exists. The work utilizes a very traditional point-perspective composition, however, the framing of the active, painterly fields of color with flat, bright color, challenges the viewer to see the painting as a two-dimensional surface with a random arrangement of geometric elements painted on. My work addresses the question: What makes some shapes appear as objects while others appear as vast, open space?


Kasey Waas - Louetta Rd.

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