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Lucia I. Wallace

BFA 2018

Paint (Over)

Acrylic yarn, wool, 2018, 60"w x 72"h

Playing with the intimate relationship between text and textiles, I am translating automatic journals and redacted texts into knitting. This body of work acts as a codified record of time and myself. Time becomes a material in a process that centers on the acts of repetition and contemplation. The writings and knit paintings are both created using a similar system of automatic, intuitive color selection and form, contrasting one another in their scale and labor. Found objects, family heirlooms and oral stories all affect what I write. I am overcome with an insatiable desire to uncover myself and yearn for the family I never met. I am trying to make sense of myself and my life by using the repetitive acts of writing, covering and stitching.

Lucia I. Wallace - Paint (Over)

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