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Charlene Wang

Construction no. 2

Graphite on paper, 40"w x 24"h

Space Orbiting Dwellings

The discovery of ice on the moon’s surface and the prospects of lunar habitation in the near future is the premise of this drawing series. The evolution of an alternative condominium structure alludes to the colonization that may occur in outer space via post-Earth apocalypse. These drawings emulate an early documentation process of these structures while still grounded on an unidentifiable landscape.

These Space Orbiting Dwellings (SODs) are designed to freely float and be self-sustaining in outer space. The architectural attributes are extended from the geometric structures of gemstones and crystals. The resemblances of the faceted objects are to aesthetically cohere with other celestial bodies. The idealization of this newfound structure critiques the novelties between reality, technology and science fiction.

Charlene Wang - Construction no. 2

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