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Ting-Ting Yang


mixed media, 2013, 18"w x 27"h

I like to eat fruits, grapes especially. People suggested that I explore this inclination. So I painted grapes and called them strawberries. This evolved into cooking, painting, gluing and photographing more food. The idea is simple: I’m making a fruit or vegetable pretend to be something else, like we’ll oftentimes pretend to be someone we’re not. I started by saying how easy it is to judge something by its appearance, then shifted to telling stories from my own experiences. I am that zucchini. I want to be a banana. I hope I can be understood fully, loved equally and love others correspondingly. Nothing is fair, but it’ll be all right. Take life seriously, and remember to have a sense of humor.


Ting-Ting Yang - Grapeberries

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