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Claudia E. Zapata

SMU, PhD 2019, Art History

Chicano Lyfe: 1984-2014

digital print, 2015, 26"w x 20"h

There is a constant reflection for the historian and person of two concurrent modalities of time: one’s own personal life and the history of the world. Using the format of board-game inserts and a game board, I have created my own animated life, one that reflects growing up in and around Texas from 1984-2014. In a practice of remedial art making I am evoking within myself what moments of history I recall, in what order and how I associate a specific icon to its experience through a figural representation often associated with an illustrative quality of a child’s game.

Claudia E. Zapata
 - Chicano Lyfe: 1984-2014

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