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Lindsay Zappas

Untitled, From Fruit Bowl Series

2013, Paint and screen print on plywood, zip ties, Sizes vary

Beginning as standard, flat sheets of plywood, my sculptures find their own logic. My building is intuitive and visual. I work piece by piece, measuring one cut segment of wood at a time to determine form and unity. The building becomes a call and response or a wrestling match between me and the wood; the process is clumsy. I often end up with a pile of scraps—those that were not chosen to take form. Bound with only zip ties, the sculptures proudly inherit their newfound 3-D shapes and stand as ramshackle monoliths knowing their own existence is finite. Soon they will teeter and fall, and the illusion of solidity will be broken. The material language reasserts this notion: screen-printed patterns onto thin plywood become a field of camouflage for the body to exist in.

Lindsay Zappas - Untitled, From Fruit Bowl Series

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