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Kathryn Zazenski

Frontier 1.3

digital photo, 2013, 20"w x 30"h

Light flares mimicking the cadence of language, the echo of sound reverberating through water. I collect images and sounds; from them I create work that embodies the phenomenological. Through fracturing, layering and looping, my work speaks to the nuances of communication, expectation and natural dualities. This series began with the idea of the frontier. My own frontiers—exhilarating and terrifying—are limitless. Documenting an installation, I printed the initial images, marked them with lines and number systems and then rephotographed them. I’m interested in the moments in which emotion mixes with language, where expectations are met or unrealized, where the everyday becomes unfamiliar.


Kathryn Zazenski - Frontier 1.3

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