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Adrienne M. Zurcher

BFA 2016

Painting with the Mind's Eye

Concentrated ink, gouache, India ink, 2016, From left to right: 12"w x 9"h, 11"w x 9"h, 11"w x 9"h

In a fast-paced, black-and-white world, one that can sometimes feel colorless, I feel myself drawn to painting this “chaos” in shapes and colors. With chaos comes order; that’s where I organize and arrange these abstract forms or “energies” that we can gaze into and make connections with. When I paint, I listen to hip-hop and classical music, which becomes a part of my process. This triptych of ink wash compositions on paper is a combination of emotions, the projection of music on paper and the automaticity of the human hand—a reaction piece to my surroundings.


Adrienne M. Zurcher - Painting with the Mind's Eye

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