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Fort Worth Permanent Art Collection Moves to a New Home, new Experiencing Perspectives exhibition installed

Monday, July 1st, 2019

When employees at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services moved to their new state-of the-art home in the Fort Worth Business Center this April, they marvelled at the newness of the facility that had been built from the ground up. And while they delighted in the “Regional Rustic” color palette that graced the walls—orange hues reminiscent of the Texas sun, land and cattle; and bluish-green and teal shades invoking images of the sky, vegetation and refreshing water—they couldn’t help but notice that the walls were a little empty.

But not for long.

Recently, the artwork of the company’s Fort Worth permanent collection, that is, the 11 pieces of art the company purchased from the annual Experiencing Perspectives exhibits, rejoined the team. Each of the four floors features a few of these works, including the most recent acquisitions from emerging local artist, Ryan Goolsby, a graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU); and Eskinder G. Abebe, an artist from Southern Methodist University (SMU).

Both had previously displayed pieces in the Experiencing Perspectives Fort Worth art exhibition, an innovative art collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, SMU and TCU. Since 2008, more than 1,000 works of art by SMU and TCU students and alumni have been selected to be displayed throughout the company’s Fort Worth Business Center.

Now, with the installation of the 11th annual Experiencing Perspectives art exhibition the last weekend in June, the rest of the walls feature a wealth of new artwork from the current students and recent graduates of SMU and TCU.

“We are fortunate to have offices in communities with strong college and university art programs, where we’re able to find inspiration in the work of many artists of all ages and stages in their careers. At the same time we are supporting those artistic endeavors, we are bringing art to people for whom it might not be part of their daily lives, if they aren’t seeking it out,” says Leila Matta, Brand Identity, Design, and Art Programs Manager for one of the curators of the Mercedes-Benz Financial Services art program.

“While we have a robust philanthropy mission that focuses on many worthy causes, our art program is one of the most unique,” says Heather Heggie, Senior Manager for Credit Operations at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. “While we appreciate the ability to nurture young talent and help inspire emerging artists to dream big, our team receives just as many benefits. These pieces of art contribute to a dynamic work environment by inspiring creative thought and challenging the team to consider different viewpoints.”

The latest Experiencing Perspectives exhibit will be revealed to the public this fall.

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