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Yan Wen C.

BFA 2016

What Else Should I Say Baby

embroidery, ink and acrylic on Mylar, with crocodile skin stretched on edges of frame/plexiglass blocks as support, 2015, 36"w x 52"h x 6"d

What Else Should I Say Baby comments on the way paintings can be objects instead of simply two-dimensional by having the stretchers lean off the wall, supported by two plexiglass cubes. What Else Should I Say Baby displays the theme of conversation, the multiple meanings one understands from a string of words, and how one can get lost in pursuit of finding meaning in sentences. The work is in black and white to evoke nostalgia, confusion and the loss of memory. I utilize the mediums of Mylar and embroidery to suggest fragility as an underlying theme in my work and in the physical nature of the work itself.

Yan Wen C.
 - What Else Should I Say Baby

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