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Carrie Chisholm

Diploma 1998

Scattered Stones

acrylic and paint marker on board, 2014, 24"w x 24"h x 1.25"d

By reinterpreting media-based photography, I explore the philosophical themes of desire and fulfillment through the representation of beauty and wealth. The source material encounters a botched processing at the hands of blind contour drawing, a process wherein I render the subject matter through careful observation, without looking at the drawing as it unfolds. This creates an interesting, if unbiased, distortion of the subject matter. Once the distortion of the product is complete, I layer acrylic paint over the top, as a sculptor would layer a skin or form atop a warped armature. The result is a radically altered view of the subject matter in which the spirit of the original photograph is retained just enough to preserve its allure.

Carrie Chisholm - Scattered Stones

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