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Michael Christopher

Diary of a Time

2005, Pen and ink on paper, 25.5"w x 22.5"h

Diary of a Time illustrates my desire to produce art that exudes a timeless permanence, paired equally with my desire to conduct drawings of unparalleled quality. In concordance with this desire, I invested over a year to complete this project. The composition required improvisation, but from the context of highly focused parameters. Correspondingly, consistency and fluidity in design and form were essential elements in executing this work of art.

I did not seek to capture a moment in time, but rather to capture time itself through an extended duration while communicating in a language, utilizing tones and values, rhythmic and timeless, with the eloquent play of shades and tones representing my spoken word. This extended effort served to provide a powerful visual experience through abstract and representational imagery. Various representational images translate the conception of permanence with primitive faces throughout the composition communicating eternity through emotionless depiction.

Diary of a Time was a unique experience, which demanded an increased emotional and artistic investment. Relationships flourished and faded throughout this period, combined with successes and failures, and all of these experiences entered into Diary of a Time. Ultimately, sweetness followed this period of my life and clarity of self was the remainder.

Michael Christopher - Diary of a Time

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