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Matthew Clark

Not a Pear

2009, Plaster and latex, 10.5"w x 10.5"h x 3"d

This work began with accumulating packaging from my everyday consumption, cereal boxes, coffee creamer cartons, bar soap packaging, fruit carriers; mostly of the food my family and I purchase as well as other products necessary for everyday routine. In just a few days of filtering through the recycle bin the studio was filled with possibilities. The act of sifting through my refuse made wants and needs tangible.

Small plaster casts of a variety of things, some shapes more recognizable than other shapes are cast and buried into a block of plaster of a contrasting color, the block is filed and sanded until a shape of the initial object is exposed. The plaster block series is an investigation in abstracting form and color interaction between figure and ground.

Matthew Clark - Not a Pear

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