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John Deal

Niagara Landscape 01

2009, Laser painting, 12"w x 24"h

My work is about the interplay between analog and digital artistic processes. I associate these with the relationship between rural and urban environments. The purpose is to gain an understanding of how to integrate and progress drawing and painting into the digital age.

I use laser etching to produce paintings from digitally altered photographs on layered painted surfaces. The subject of the work, the farmer’s field, is centered on the trees that stand sentinel. These wild elements exist in a cultivated landscape much the way that painting, with its traditional roots, remains poised in newer technologies such as photography, integrated media and film.

The studies are paint, layered on aluminum sheets, in sequential colors corresponding to natural and unnatural hues observed in the actual, rural landscape. When etched, the image is revealed as it is digitally etched into the material. The machine produces a signature of its properties along with the etching, exhibiting a unique quality of this interplay — the challenge of unity between man and machine, man and nature.


John Deal - Niagara Landscape 01

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