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Sharan Elran

Unlimited Edition, 1 of 6,227,020,800

2012, Ceramic, 6"w x 14"h (each)

The idea of this project is to create a unique art piece for every person on earth. I designed a mold comprised of 14 different pieces that can be re-arranged in a different sequence before each cast. The total number of unique permutations is 6,227,020,800 which roughly correlates to the current world population.

I am committed to producing these objects myself. Their production is limited only by the unknown time I still have on this planet and my ability to produce. Ultimately, this project aspires to create a direct human connection between the supporters of this project and myself. I will never reproduce each unique permutation. Each vase produced will be recorded in an online database stating the patron’s geographic location (if patrons allow, their contact info will be attached to it). This project will continue until I can no longer produce (hopefully until the day I die).

Sharan Elran - Unlimited Edition, 1 of 6,227,020,800

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