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Graeme Skelton


2011, Oil on canvas, 90"w x 66"h

My work finds its basis in Realism; specifically the industrial Realism of Southern Ontario and Michigan. It has recently come to my attention that the fastest growing export from the United States falls in the ‘not-so-glamourous’ category of “Scrap and Trash” and plays a vital role on the global economics. Such a revelation has caused me to consider trash and discarded objects as one of mankind’s most lasting impressions on our planet.

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario, a city which relies heavily on its industries economically; factories, manufacturing plants, scrap yards and other industrial sites have become commonplace in my daily scenery. However, it was not until visiting the city dump and local scrap yards, that I began to look at these sites artistically. The forms that are created by these heaps of refuse create a haunting scene that is both emotionally disconcerting and aesthetically sublime.

Graeme Skelton - Interim

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