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Carly Gordon

BFA 2015

The Reacher and the Settler (Diptych)

oil on canvas, 2015, 36"w x 24"h

My work is an exploration of color attachment, used to express the emotions belonging to specific memories. The paintings address theosophical and spiritual themes, with an emphasis on their relationship to people, place, emotional narrative and universal language. My practice is to create paintings that convey what I feel and think but simply cannot conjure up the words for. The viewer’s role is to reflect on his or her own memories and relationships with a critical eye for emotions and underlying ideas. Politically, the paintings challenge the limitations placed on artists wishing to address spirituality in large abstract expressionist paintings. This is done by focusing on energy and spirituality created through intuitive mark making, striving to use color as a means for this connection.

Carly Gordon
 - The Reacher and the Settler (Diptych)

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