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Mary Clay Hernandez

Afternoon/Atardecer (Saltillo to Matehuala)

2012, Oil on canvas, 48"w x 36"h

These landscape paintings are samples from many inspired by an adventure that led to many years of living in central Mexico. Boxes of photographs and sketches spark memories and are usually combined in one painting. They tell stories of raising a family among the legends and traditions, art and history, music and romance of what was then a very foreign land. The colors reflect the impact of Mexican folk art, traditional costumes, brightly colored houses and bougainvillea. The layers of oil paint suggest the many memories hidden in the mountains. These landscapes, viewed by sojourners year after year, cause me to reflect on our journey through life.

Mary Clay Hernandez - Afternoon/Atardecer (Saltillo to Matehuala)

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