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Kyle Hobratschk

The Archive Room, Corsicana

2012, Copper Plate Etching and Drypoint, 9"w x 7"h

This drawing is a study of an 1898 Odd Fellows building in Corsicana, Texas, which now serves as an artists’ studio. The formidable safe represented to the left of the open window gives voice to rows of wood lockers behind the viewer. Fraternal members once stored ceremonial costumes here until the KKK called the room beyond the open doors their meeting hall. Red bingo balls and artificial holly leaf fragments found along baseboards helped color the narrations local people told from past decades when these rooms held bingo nights and deer chili cook-offs. A backlit easel now receives attention from a painter below the schoolhouse globes and is rendered in an effort to document this building’s evolving purpose.

Kyle Hobratschk - The Archive Room, Corsicana

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