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Niloo Inalouei

BFA 2015


acrylic and oil on canvas, 2015, 24"w x 30"h x 1.5"d

“I think of a portrait as a joint project enriched by the interaction of our mind.”—Sylvia Sleigh

My current body of work explores expressions of the soul through subjects’ gazes and gestures. The portraits represent photographic moments and may have little resemblance to my subjects. They are deliberately unfinished, exploring the variety of human impressions and notions of the unseen. I embrace the two-dimensional space in which I create physical energy and raw emotions on the surface. I generate a dialogue between the surface, the paint, the brushstrokes and my subjects. My paintings are rendered expressively in a sparse manner with a fresh color palette, illuminating the inner lives and motives of these people.

Niloo Inalouei - Nicole

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