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Morgan Janssen

MFA 2018

Satan on Vacation (King Palm)

Plastic, suede text, urethane, wood, foam, 2017, 18"w x 18"h x 4"d

My focus observes Western ideologies and how these shape our understanding of packaged nature. I look at what it means to exoticize a paradise to achieve a better sense of well-being. I grew up in a Catholic household, and my work depicts a journey to become better. It is through this lens that I use irreverent tones while displaying my work as an homage to memorialize my representation of the reinvention of nature. Messing with these advertised packages by material choice, tone, and humor breaks down these ideals (or at the very least, brings them to our attention).

Morgan Janssen

 - Satan on Vacation (King Palm)

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