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Seth Keller

Salvage Armchair

2010, Salvaged construction lumber, steel, 27"w x 42"h x 31"d

“…for our future, one of our most important raw materials will be trash.” — Ila Berman

Currently, Detroit has over 33,000 vacant or abandoned homes, and at least 10,000 are officially slated for demolition in the coming year. The lumber in this chair comes from among those that have already been taken down. This chair gives a second life to the lumber and celebrates the yawning cracks and stained nail holes in each slab. It also serves as a reminder of the potential “future natural resource” that already exists in the Detroit Metro area.

In our contemporary ocular-centric world, furniture becomes the main tactile connection to architecture. The deep patina and rawness of this chair serves as a rich haptic link to our built environment, which manifests history, memory and the inevitable passage of time.


Seth Keller - Salvage Armchair

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