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Anastasia R. King

TCU, BFA 2017

Hills and Mountains

MDF, oak, liquid plastic, 2014-2015, (hills) 17"w x 39"h x 16.5"d; (mountains) 22"w x 44"h x 21.6"d

Reflections within landscapes are interesting—the contrast between land and water, valleys and peaks, space and the lack thereof. Literal yet abstracted views inspired this piece and others. I use the mathematics of ratios within my work, believing that equal ratios are more appealing and bring in the question of purpose in scale. Reflective black liquid plastic serves as a reflective pool. Using oak I was able to achieve the fascinating curves and edges that I see in nature. My artwork consists of a raw aesthetic put alongside polished, more complete elements. This piece fits in perfectly with that style because of the color scheme, the varying textures and its complete composition.

Anastasia R. King
 - Hills and Mountains

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