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Sharon Kuo

BFA 2015

Variation VI (dipped in grape-flavored soda)

acrylic and gesso on canvas, 2015, 38"w x 38"h x 1.5"d

As a first-generation product of my grandparents’ American dream, I exist on the margins of my Western environment and my Eastern heritage. I am interested in negotiating the space between these boundaries of binaries and its resulting hybridity in personal identity as well as my aesthetic. I am attempting to place and identify the existence of a middle ground: the place in between being an object and a painting, between appearing unfinished and resolved, between identifying as Chinese and Canadian. Through the use of provisional washes, acrylic and thick paint contrasted with pencil markings, I am attempting to document and identify my existence and its validation in our culture.

Sharon Kuo
 - Variation VI (dipped in grape-flavored soda)

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