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Neil Lawley

Triple Lobe

2009, Found lumber and mixed media, 75"w x 50"h x 30"d

My interests lay in the interrelatedness of things, across cultures, languages, and objects. These objects share similarities with forms related to biological processes, anatomy, succulent plants, molecular orbital diagrams and ironically, ceremonial headwear and instruments of war. Acknowledging contradictions, tensions, transfers of energy, moments of stasis and entropy, my ambition is to create a cohesive piece, giving the viewer a felt sense of form.

My way of working is primarily an intuitive process; one of re-contextualizing and re-configuring of both found lumber and commercial building materials. These materials, once discarded, are re-purposed into sculptural objects. I am drawn to the found materials’ sense of history, and the potential of the new materials.

In these most recent pieces, I am most interested in constructing a skeletal structure, exposing the making process. Each intersection captures a moment of decision-making. The colors and markings on the wood, often times cropped by the cutting of the materials, point to the fact that the materials shared another existence. I strive to invite the viewer into the forms, leading them to unexpected connections and config-urations working together to compose a new identity.


Neil Lawley - Triple Lobe

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