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Grace Lee


2009, Inkjet print on Arches paper, 24"w x 20"h

The world is a place with beauty and wonder and I wish to experience every aspect of it and share them with others. I wish to show the diverse forms of life, both in nature and humans. Many of my images reflect the natural expressions that people, nature and animals give off.

My work is centered around the places I have been. I take pictures to express my interpretation of the world around me. The images I take are seen through my camera and are not manipulated. My intentions are to always explore and not alter it. I like to find the camera angle that best shares my explorations and travels. I try to make people viewing the photo feel something like what I felt when I made the photo. I strive to come across visually pleasing angles, space, reflections and light. The tension in my image is between the two subjects and the way it is viewed.


Grace Lee - Untitled

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