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Amelia Levick

Color Box 3

2011, Mixed media, 21"w x 54"h x 7"d

As the viewer walks into an empty room a subtle light is activated within the work, and as the viewer exits the light retreats with them. For a brief moment the work is illuminated simply because someone stood before it. Perhaps one sees a color brighten in new light or afloat in the air. In a world of technical possibilities one can quickly theorize the cause of these reactions, but for a fleeting moment the work shines specifically for its viewer.

Physically the piece has a rough green exterior and stands just about eye level with its viewer. It emerges from the floor through a grey pyramid base and senses the arrival of its viewer. For two minutes the structure is illuminated, revealing its translucent and fluorescent layers. After movement stops, the piece eventually dims.

This relationship between art and viewer is elevated from reaction to interaction. The presence of the viewer creates a reaction within the work and, (hopefully) that reaction in turn stimulates its viewer. The form of that mutual stimulation is impossible to predict. Perhaps the viewer feels nothing, perhaps he/she is curious about the technical components of the work, maybe he/she simply wants to re-activate the piece or feel an emotional response to its light and color. Regardless of the reaction, it exists as part of an experience that is caused by and unique to each viewer.


Amelia Levick - Color Box 3

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