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Quentin Lindsay

BFA 2015

A SeTwsane Kgosi—Botlhale

digital lenticular print, 2015, 16"w x 20"h

Who do we identify as leaders of tomorrow? What does the future hold for currently marginalized people of color? What possibilities are out there for progressive explorations of space? This work explores these questions while paying tribute to young poet and activist Botlhale Boikanyo from South Africa. Kgosi is the Tswane word for chief or leader. This work is about celebrating Botlhale as a leader of her generation. It is a celebration of her innovative artistry and her passion that inspired and moved the world, her nation and its national hero, the late great Nelson Mandela. The armor she is wearing is a metaphoric representation of her resiliency and self-driven characteristics while the flamboyant textile pattern speaks to the Tswane ethnic group of which she is a descendant.

Quentin Lindsay
 - A SeTwsane Kgosi—Botlhale

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