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Bogdan Luca

Faculty (BFA 2007)


oil on canvas, 2012, 48"w x 72"h x 2"d

The world is incomplete and requires our stories to fill in the gaps. Oil painting becomes the perfect narrative medium because of its corporeal presence and ability to refer to the economy of image. I am fascinated with the contemporary image culture; we are continually confronted with visual stimulation. How do we arrange this schizophrenic information into stories that make sense with our embodied experience of the world? This question relates to the culture of spoliation—plundering and building history through grafting. Spolia refers to the integration of extant building fragments into new edifices. Spolia were sometimes transported over great distances and their integration required custom modifications. The same can be discussed on the personal scale, having to navigate an increasingly confusing world made dense with information.

Bogdan Luca
 - Spolia

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