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Ineke H. MacNab

BFA 2011

Wallflower in Blue

mixed media, 2014, 30"w x 36"h

My work stems from a background in science and the experimental process. After a formal study of the nature of color, including wavelength and its relationship to depth perception, I continue to be fascinated by color’s many properties. Like the color-field artists of the 1950s, I explore the visual impact of color, stripping away all that is unnecessary. Making art that is an abstraction of abstraction, I am left with an unadorned metaphysical aesthetic. This work is as immediate and as fully revealed as color allows. It is uncluttered, free from the bombardment of information. It encourages the viewer to pause and reflect; it creates a mood and sets a tone. Subtle variations of color and texture help maintain minimalism while creating depth and movement.

Ineke H. MacNab
 - Wallflower in Blue

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