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Ania Machudera

BFA 2005

Untitled 35

acrylic on plexiglass, 2015, 46"w x 46"h x 4"d

The light, shining on circles painted on plexiglass, creates shadows on the wall suggesting an extension from the surface into an echoing world beyond the exterior. I use optics, the branch of physics that involves the behavior and properties of light and reflection, to emphasize the complex relationship between conscious and unconscious materiality. I work like a scientist, exploring hidden laws of the visible and invisible process, always present but not always understood. Through this process I want to collapse the notion of time, which closely relates to the materiality of the body, and to shine light on the shadow, a major factor of human experience. In the process, the viewer gets to explore the possibility of in-between space as a new potential for humanity.

Ania Machudera
 - Untitled 35

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