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Shelby Meier

A Combination of Things

2010, Beach balls, steel, 72"w x 18"h

I have no doubt about importance of process, but I question what it really is.

Art is about participation. Art is exchange. It is a physical exchange (money for object) but it is also the exchange of ideas and interactions. It is about how people react to objects; how objects relate to other objects; how people relate/interact with each other.

In art, choices are made from conception, to construction, to installation, to reception and ending in synthesis and exchange.

All of these choices culminate into a piece of art that is a combination of the artist’s decisions and the viewer’s reception. Neither perspective stands alone. Every step taken before that interaction is lost after it leaves the studio. My work calls to question the importance of the artist’s choices in materials, aesthetics and intentions.


Shelby Meier - A Combination of Things

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