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Leeanna Morris

Paper Pot Drawings

2010, Sludge on panels, 16"w x 12"h (each)

I enjoy the balance between the chance of the process and my own hand in the creation of my work. There is something particularly thrilling about being in complete control of a situation and not being sure what will happen at the same time. I feel my work is an equal partnership between artist and process. We both have ideas of what will be the final outcome, but in the end it is a collaboration.

There is also a very scientific element to my way of working. Works in progress are executed like experiments. I set up a series of controls and change a small variable to achieve a final piece. I tend to work in series to see if the results vary. In a way I am checking my work to see if interesting compositions can be duplicated or if I have found something more unique and interesting.


Leeanna Morris - Paper Pot Drawings

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