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Edgar Mosa

Needs series title

Left to right: Untitled, 2010, Steel, 16"w x 40"h; Untitled, 2010, Steel, 11"w x 17"h x 5"d; Untitled, 2010, Steel, 19"w x 17"h x 4"d;

Steel is a metal that grows bright and appealing when applied to many architectonical structures in a functional metropolis. However, when exposed to the action of time and nature, this metal loses its clear surface, becoming rusted in tonalities only so loyal to the agents that caused such transformation, leaving an undeniable impression of nostalgia. In this dangerous conflict, a division of opposite notions takes place, such as reason and emotion, strength and weakness, control and danger. How far can there be balance between Man’s hand and Nature’s perseverance? As personal experience, to abandon an articulated social and urban life, to find myself in a place where nature surrounds me entirely, profoundly changes my self-perception and habits. This introspective transformation allows me a new teaching of who I am, how I am, and where I am.

Edgar Mosa - Needs series title

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