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Derrick Piens

Reconstructed Spatial Relationship (Reflecting the Sky)

2010, Pencil on paper, 26"w x 40"h

My current body of work explores the reconciliation of disparate objects through the unification of hybrid constructions. In my studio process I begin by collecting discarded and found objects and materials — to name a few: a sofa armrest, studio refuse, and flotsam from the Mediterranean ocean. Formal similarities are realized in this collection of objects, motivating large-scale constructions that are either inspired by or constructed from the collected objects.

The initial construction of my sculptures is rough as I subtract and add components; the seams and joints that bind the materials together are obvious and crude. It is through processes of painting, plastering and sanding that the forms become unified into a singular entity. The final sculpture is presented as an organic whole; the viewer is perhaps unaware of the working process that synthesized seemingly disparate objects into a resolved composition. The initial structure of my sculptures is camouflaged beneath bright colors of paint and often finished to a smooth surface.

My sculptures are directly related to the human body in scale, providing, theoretically, a space that a body could fit within. I am interested in exploring the physical relationship that exists between sculpture, the viewer and the space they both simultaneously inhabit.


Derrick Piens - Reconstructed Spatial Relationship (Reflecting the Sky)

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