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Max S. Plona

MFA 2017

Face 1; Face 2; Face 3; Face 4

Screenprints, Sharpie marker, paper, 2016, 23"w x 31"h (each)

The head and face are sources for communication and experimentation. They are where we recognize one another, use language, express emotion and think. They change over time and can be gateways into abstract ideas of what a person, either real or imagined, can look like. I am using a power washer to draw these images into a screen and then print them using screenprinting inks. I also trace images over existing images with a Sharpie marker to create multiple layers. The images situate themselves in a conversation with me (as self-portraiture) and with the audience in an open-ended narrative.

Max S. Plona - Face 1; Face 2; Face 3; Face 4

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