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Diane Pugen


Tickle Cove Near Duntara, Newfoundland

Giclee print of ink site drawing 1/1, 2015, 12"w x 8"h

Since the earth is the source of all life, we are all connected to the land. I feel that umbilical connection most when I am sitting on the earth. When a specific site resonates with me, I am compelled to record what I see. In doing so, that action seems to complete the connection. These ink drawings were completed during my travels in Newfoundland, on the way to a residency in Duntara. Doing them, and others, helped me to connect to this place where I had never been and where I was planning to live and work for a time. They became part of my practice during my residence.

Diane Pugen

 - Tickle Cove Near Duntara, Newfoundland

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