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Susan Yating Qiu

Hand-cut Furniture

foam, Plasti Dip, 2014, 24"w x 28"h x 27"d

I regard my design process as the exploration of potential materiality as well as the inner voices of myself. It is a journey of dream and pursuit. The prospective goal may not be arrived at. But the outcome is inevitable: a combination of will and hidden truth. Hand-cut Furniture is a work exploring an innovative way to upholster. Traditionally, foam is functional but seldom used as decoration. It is covered and formed by a skin of fabric or leather. However, in this project foam is no longer in the supporting role: It becomes the heroine. The beauty aspect of foam is discovered. Foam is comfortable; at the same time, it turned out to be a good ornament.


Susan Yating Qiu - Hand-cut Furniture

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