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Maliha Rahman

Take me with you

2011, Oil pastel on digital print, 38"w x 25"h

Fascination with storytelling, drawing and painting human figures has shaped my artistic practice. My recent series entitled “I will see you soon” focuses on narrative portraitures. These works explore how physical distance and emotional attachment can influence the development of personal identity, which is transient and momentary but holds a continuance of existence. I am interested in transitory periods, changes caused by human relationships, isolation, longing and hope.

I begin my process as a photographer by capturing passing moments in photos where I am the model. I manipulate images digitally to create distance between double portraitures positioned in a domestic interior. To me, this symbolizes inner conversations between fragmented bodies and hearts. Digital manipulation also creates distance between my body and the work. To reconnect, I print images large scale to apply thick and gestural strokes of oil pastel in a painterly manner. In my work, the repetitive use of paper airplanes represents, with each fold made, a longing to be elsewhere.


Maliha Rahman - Take me with you

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