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Angie C. Reisch

SMU, BFA 2018

Name and Number, Please

birchwood, motor, wire, 2015, 7.13"w x 72"h x 12"d

The way we experience stimulus in the natural world, how we organize and process information, and ultimately how we establish our positions in the environment around us is primarily systematic. We are small pieces in a network of different social, cultural and educational systems. My focus here is to identify our interaction with the various numerical systems we are a part of. Each box of the constantly mobile installation is composed of six faces. These are the result of taking four pieces of numerical data—ZIP codes, phone numbers, height, and year of birth—from thirty individuals and translating them into line equations. Each box face becomes a systematic portrait of an individual, representing a unique identity within a standardized system.

Angie C. Reisch
 - Name and Number, Please

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