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Niloufar Salimi


2010, Acrylic and ink on paper and wood, 36"w x 36"h x 1.5"d

A tiny ray detached from its big family of flames traveled about fifteen million kilometers, hit a stained glass, changed into a beautiful color, warmed my classmate’s cheek, and then recorded a tiny memory somewhere in my brain – a colorful memory of a black and white reality, embodying a long and disturbing history from which I have never been apart although I had left my family, travelled as far as fifteen thousand kilometers, and transformed to a woman. Memories persist in my mind and make me remember the conflicting emotions that come from a place where you are forced to redefine selfdom – a small but prime memory, a moment of hate.

On a small part of the body of a tree, I lay pieces of golden papers, I write from the past, and I draw ornaments of nonsense. Like a tearful eyeball flowing in the darkness, seeing old tiny rays, I need to breathe out my memories before this eyeball drowns in its own tears. I wish to infuse living colors into the wood. I wish to blow at the wood and make it alive. Every time a memory comes to mind, the memory shifts and becomes something new. What is seen, what is remembered through these tiny rays together with sounds I recall, becomes what I know as my paintings.

Niloufar Salimi - Endure

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