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Goldie Saljoughi

White Bag, Black Bag

2010, Oil on canvas, 31"w x 42"h (each)

Garbage is a symbol for all that is rejected from the meta-narrative of popular culture and society. The refuse represents the misfit, the underdog and the useless. Since the Victorian era, dirt has been considered to be a signifier for social disorder and is synonymous with all that transgresses acceptable social behavior. Monstrous, disgusting, abundant and pitiful, waste is at once a part of us and ‘the other’. The paintings, drawings and sculptures in this series are constantly becoming reversals of themselves; black becomes white, line becomes form, and content is subverted by image. By employing the formal devices of Modernist abstract paintings, which herald a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, the work in this series seeks to question popular notions of beauty and importance.

Goldie Saljoughi - White Bag, Black Bag

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